As I begin this year…

This new year brings with it some big changes for me.   I am about to become a first time mother and a wife.  My seven year relationship with the most wonderful man in the world is about to become legally recognized, my name will change and our family of two will grow into a family unit of three.  I will be gaining wonderful in-laws and a fantastic sister-in-law.  We will be leaving the city we have occupied for the past four years to move back home and be closer to family. We will acquire a house (and all the responsibility that goes with that) and adjusting to a new pace of life.  This year will be challenging but it will be filled with more excitement, wonder and joy than I can even imagine right now and I look forward to every moment of it.

This year I will acquire a few new titles.  I will officially be changing my name and becoming a “Claeys.”  I will become mother, wife, sister-in-law, daughter-in-law.  I’m looking forward to all of those but especially “mother.”  I’m hoping to use this blog to chronicle our journey into parenthood as well as my explorations and musings on becoming stay-at-home mama.  Of course there will be an over saturation of baby pictures, information and progress reports for our friends and family too, as the main point of my starting this blog this year was to have a place to write about Casey Stephen Claeys: preparing for him and finally welcoming him into the wonderful, mad world he is already so much a part of.


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