“I Do”


Wednesday, February 5th, as 700,000 people filled the streets of Seattle to cheer on the Seattle Seahawks, I stood high above them all next to a corner window on the 11th floor of Seattle’s Municipal courthouse and married my best friend.  I felt like the luckiest girl in the world.  Everything else disappeared as the setting sun illuminated the Seattle skyline behind us.  We looked into each other’s eyes and held each other’s hands as we exchanged our vows and became man and wife.

The ceremony was short but sweet, attended only by our friend Loayza who acted as witness and photographer (and schlepper of all my shit).   Although it was a courthouse wedding, we didn’t have to get married in the courtroom.  Instead, we stood in front of the southwest facing corner window of the “Jury Assembly” room, radiant, as the setting sun made its slow descent into the western horizon.   It was a beautiful day, chilly but sunny with clear, blue skies.  To the South,  Mt. Rainer was visible in the distance past the sports stadiums and to the west, out across Seattle’s gorgeous skyline, the waters of the Puget Sound sparkled.   It was magical and altogether too swift.

It’s always like that though isn’t it?  We spend so much time and energy looking forward to and preparing for the big moments of our lives, only to have the moment pass in the blink of an eye. That’s how our wedding felt.  There was the briefest pause during the short ceremony, as if time stood still and for just that instant nothing else mattered except the handsome man who stood in front of me- this man who I have known and loved for so long now, who knows my secrets, my fears, my quirks and my dreams, who I trust more than anyone, my favorite person in the world who can make me laugh harder and longer than I ever thought possible.  All that mattered for that moment was this man who was about to become my husband.

As it always does, the moment ended and we were forced back into reality, the ceremony over.  We collected our belongings, took a few more pictures and were on our way.  We  had entered the courthouse fiancees, full of excitement, not knowing what to expect.  Now, our rings snuggly on our fingers, our vows and kiss(es) exchanged, we were walking out husband and wife.
















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