40 Weeks and READY!!!


Well here are my 40 week belly pics.  Hopefully they are the last pictures of my pregnancy that won’t include a little baby boy!  His official due date is tomorrow, March 5th, but we are ready any time!  It’s been a case of the waiting game here for the past week.  I’ve repacked my hospital bag a few times and continued to work through the last few items of my “nesting” activities list.  Yesterday, we actually took down all of our blinds and washed them so that they are completely dirt and dust free.  Basically, everything is in place for little Baby C to be welcomed into his new home!

Other than being ready to go into labor at any moment (and I mean I am READY!!) I continue to feel fine.  More tired than anything.  I still try to walk as much as I can every day and do Yoga but I take daily naps and am ready for bed by 9:30, 10 o’clock.  I like to think that this is my bodies way of telling me to rest up because the time is near!  We have another appointment with our midwife tomorrow and one scheduled for the week after, but fingers crossed we won’t need that one.

Other than sleeping a lot, I’ve been enjoying some light reading (mainly murder mysteries and birth stories), spending too much time on Pinterest, and continuing my adventures with homemade Kombucha.  This weeks batch provided me with about two bottles, one which I have flavored with strawberries and the other with a blood orange.  Strawberry continues to be a favorite of mine but I’m excited to see how the blood orange one tastes!  My SCOBY had a baby this week  (Envious! Let me reiterate once again: I am READY!! Hear that Baby C?) so now I’ll have two batches brewing at a time which means about 4 bottles of Kombucha a week!!  Can’t wait to try some new flavor combinations.


Kombucha being flavored during it’s second fermentation.


Now I have two batches brewing!

Well I’m keeping this post short and sweet because I am tired and because my mind is singly focused on waiting for my first contraction.  Hope my next post contains baby pics!!!

One more pic for kicks.

One more pic for kicks.


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