And So, Our Journey Continues.

I can’t believe Casey is almost three weeks old!  To be fair I started this post when he was two weeks old but due to the demands of new motherhood I had to come back to it.  It seems like time is flying by and he is already growing too fast!  Last week was a whirlwind.  We had a morning full of doctors appointments and check-ups for Mr. Man on Thursday.  He’s grown an inch and gained a pound since the previous week!  He’s now 20 inches long and weighs a whopping 8 pounds, 7.5 ounces.  I was sick last Wed and Thursday with a fever, headache and body aches and I was worried that he may get sick but I’m fully recovered now and he shows no signs of slowing down, due to illness, anytime soon.  I’m fairly sure my symptoms were due to a slight case of Mastitis which reared its ugly head again this past Sunday and Monday but seems to be going away now.

Casey and I have been enjoying morning dog walks with him in his Ergo carrier.  It’s one of three carriers we have for him.  The Ergo seems to be the best right now because it has the infant insert, which keeps him nice and snug, and also supports my back as we walk.  (We also have a Baby Bjorn, which will be nice for walks when he is a bit older, and I’ve ordered a K’tan carrier for around the house which is on it’s way!!!  Who ever though I would be this excited about a baby carrier??)  We took our second longer outing last Thursday.  The first time we went to get groceries and print out pictures at the drug store.  Thursday, I had to go return some books and CDs at the library which is about a mile walk each way.  It was a bit chilly outside but with the infant insert for the carrier being so cozy, I kept Casey in a short sleeve onsie, pants and socks.  It was a gorgeous Seattle day for a walk and he was a champ; slept the whole time.  Of course I was a nervous wreck with the constant ticker tape of worries running through my head: “Is he too hot, too cold? Is he still breathing?  Ok I heard a noise.  Is his head bouncing too much?  Should his head be up more?  Is he suffocating with his nose pressed against my chest?”  He was fine of course.  The three of us took another walk on Sunday to the suit store to help Alex decide between two suits (both of which he looked dashing in).  We even stopped for a bite to eat on the way back and Casey did great!

We’ve started doing some daily tummy time, during which time I also get down on the floor and do a few gentle yoga moves.   Casey is lifting his head by himself more now and can turn his head from one side to the other all by himself.  We are very proud.  He also got his first bath the other night but I will spare him the later embarrassment of posting those pictures.  Needless to say I think he is going to enjoy bath time as much as I did when I was a kiddo 🙂

Anyway, he continue to be the light of our lives as we get used to being a family of three.  He is nursing well and sleeps fairly well at night.  Sometimes he is up every two hours and sometimes he sleeps for 3-4 hours stints at a time.  We continue to let him dictate his needs rather than put him on a schedule, although I don’t let him sleep more than 3 1/2-4 hours without waking him to feed him.  And so our journey continues!!

Nap time is a wonderful thing ;)

Nap time is a wonderful thing 😉

Gus is getting used to his little brother (although I think he still thinks he's a noisy, hairless cat)

Gus is getting used to his little brother (although I think he still thinks he’s a noisy, hairless cat)

The thinker.

The thinker.

Cutie Pie in monkey pants and owl hate from Auntie Nora!

Cutie Pie in monkey pants and owl hat from Auntie Nora!

We tried our first pair of tennis shoes…not a huge hit but he'll get there.

We tried our first pair of tennis shoes…not a huge hit but with a shoe lovin’ mama I’m sure he will come around 🙂

Sunday Nap time for my guys.

Sunday Nap time for my guys.

Wonder what he's smiling at?

Wonder what he’s smiling at?

That hair.

That hair.

We love our Boppy!

We love our Boppy!



2 thoughts on “And So, Our Journey Continues.

  1. What a sweet little boy. I’m so glad that you guys are able to get out and enjoy the outdoors with Casey! (and that you have so many different carriers for him! I understand the excitement!) Enjoy that little jewel, he’s perfect! ❤


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