Happy Mother’s Day


A Big Happy Mother’s Day to all the mother’s out there:

* To my mothers who have been there for me to comfort me, cuddle me, confront me and continue to encourage me as I enter my own journey into mother hood: I couldn’t have become the woman or mother I am without your support and love throughout the years.  I know I wasn’t always a joy to be around but thanks for sticking by me even during the years when I tried to push you away.   I never fully appreciated everything you did for me or the amount of energy and worry that you spent on me until this year when I became a mother myself.

* To my friends who are new mothers this year:  What an amazing and incredible journey we are entering.  Have a great day!  Hold your little one close as you celebrate being a mom for the first time – I know I am!

*To those of you who are still pregnant and about to become mothers for the first time: Rub those expanding bellies and take a deep breath as you enjoy this time of creation.  On this mother’s day, know that even if you haven’t yet birthed your first babe you are already a mother.  Take some time out for yourself to relax and pamper yourself (because you wont get that kind of time once your little one enters the world!!)

* To my friends (one in particular- you know who you are) who are about to become a mom again: You go girl!  Here’s to you!  You’ve already put so much love and work into raising such a wonderful mini human being!  Hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy and I can’t wait to celebrate next mother’s day with you in style!!

And to all mom’s out there: Thank you.  Thank you for all you do and continue to do for your children.  Thank you for the late nights rocking and singing us to sleep.  Thank you for the hours of reading to us and playing with us even when you are exhausted and sick of reading the same book over and over.  Thank you for always answering the question “why?”  Thank you for worrying about us and fretting for our safety but still letting us play outside and learn for ourselves.  Thank you for covering our scraped knees with bandaids and kisses, for holding us while we cried and not making us feel bad for crying when we needed to.  Thank you for letting us pick out our own clothes and make our own messes and thank you for helping us clean them up when we needed you to.  Thank you for just being the woman we could lean on and talk to as we got older.  Thank you.  For everything.  We love you.  Happy Mother’s Day.


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