16 Weeks

IMG_1507 Casey is just my whole world right now.  We’ve been back in the midwest for two months now and I can’t believe how much he has grown and accomplished!!   Here are some stats:

Currently 16 weeks!!!

Weight: 15 lbs 11 oz

Height: 25 inches

Activities: Reaching up and grabbing toys on his play mat, rolling onto his side from his back, somehow squirming and kicking around so he ends up facing a different direction than I put him down in, trying to put everything in his grasp in his mouth (toys, his hands, the washcloth, my hair…).

Big Accomplishments: Rolling from his back to his tummy!  He has done this a handful of times now and he has rolled from his tummy onto his back exactly once.

Enjoys: Bath time, his orange OBall, watching and listening to Daddy play the guitar.

Does Not Enjoy: Pacifiers, being fed from a bottle, and being away from mommy and daddy for very long…

He is starting to tolerate being on his stomach for longer times.  He is really strong; holds his head up really well and looks all around.  I’ve even gotten him to laugh while he was on his tummy a few times.RSCN2713

He has also begun to be able to put himself to sleep during daytime naps.  This isn’t always the case but on occasion if I lay him down on a soft blanket or on our bed, he will just lay contently until he drifts off to sleep, no rocking or hush-hushing necessary.


I’ve finally found my groove now that we are more settled in.  I’ve begun to work on the project list I’ve been creating since we moved it.  My first big task is to put Casey’s room together and to begin to decorate our walls.  Right now they are completely barren and a house doesn’t feel like home without some pictures and art work hanging.  Last week, I made this mobile for Casey’s Room:


Paper and wood mobile.

Paper and wood mobile.

I’m working on a second mobile for him with three different colored balls that he can focus on and grab for, and a chime in the middle of them that will ring when the mobile moves.  (I got the idea for the chime because he really seems to like a small wind chime that we have in our house.)   I’ve also got a set of soft, fabric blocks in the works as well as a few other simple cloth toys on my list of things to make.

No other big news to share but I wanted to get a blog post completed,  1) to update everyone and 2) as a form of self-discipline to start posting more frequently again, I just needed to write something!

Did I mention a while ago that I won a free 30 minute photo session curtesy of Amanda Seabolt Photography?  I was so excited to finally get some family photo’s taken!  I can’t wait to get my favorite shots from the session printed out and hung around the house.  Here are some of the pics:



PIcture from a photo session that I won in a contest on FB!






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