Waffle Tacos & Caffeine Withdrawal

IMG_1795I wish I had something really great to blog about today.  I feel like I have been neglecting this blog, not necessarily because I have so little time to write (although that’s part of it) but because I can’t think of anything spectacular to say!

We live in a society where just about every part of our lives is documented.  Our pictures and funny quips are posted as our status on Facebook, things we find interesting are posted on Pinterest and reposted in our news feed; the best parts of ourselves are put out there for everyone and anyone to see, admire, and “like.”  It seems like just about everyone is doing extremely interesting and important things everyday of their fabulously lit lives.   And I want to be a part of this.  I would like to have some fantastic story to tell, something slightly humorous with a deep message that makes me feel like I am really contributing.  I don’t.  But maybe that’s a good thing.

My life today is ordinary, predictable, extremely happy and fulfilling with just the right amount of boredom and bad moods mixed in for good effect.  This past weekend is the perfect example.  Saturday was a blah day.  It started out ok.  We had a plan to get up early and try out Taco Bell’s waffle taco.  I mean come on!  There’s a waffle taco out there and we haven’t tried it yet?  This situation needed to be remedied.  So, Saturday morning, we got up (after way too little sleep) and, with our happy baby in tow, we hit the drive-through and arrived home with our waffle tacos and two cups of Taco Bell coffee (dubious to say the least).  The waffle taco was much smaller than I pictured it and seemed to be a bit over-cooked.  I would like to give Taco Bell the benefit of the doubt (don’t ask me why). Perhaps it was just the end of breakfast.   I suspect, however, that if we ever forget this day and decide that a waffle taco is a good idea, I will once again pick it up and  tap it against the cardboard packaging to demonstrate it’s density.  Also, the coffee was crap.   It was one of those fantastic moments where we laughed like loons over the  epic failure of an eagerly awaited breakfast, knowing that the story of the “waffle taco” had forever entered our shared repetoir, but the laughter died down as we slowly realized we were disappointed, still hungry and experiencing the beginning stages of caffein withdrawal.

We did end up getting a cup of decent coffee and got our grocery shopping done but the afternoon found us on the couch, eyes growing heavy as the weight of  taco bell and the gloom of the day set in.  I convinced Casey to take a nap in bed with me while Alex dozed on the couch.  We woke up way too late in the evening, cranky, the day having passed us by.   Despite everything we managed to salvage the evening.  We got Casey to bed (a bit later than usual) and I made us a nice dinner.  The day wasn’t a complete failure but it sure didn’t make us feel as if we were taking advantage of our weekend together.

Sunday was better.  In fact it was an unexpectedly beautiful day.  I made us a delicious breakfast of french toast with homemade blueberry syrup and bacon.  The coffee was excellent.  We spent the afternoon outside at one of our favorite disc golf courses with some of our close friends.  While the guys (who are now all men) enjoyed some friendly competition, Casey and I simply accompanied them along the course, enjoying the sunshine and the company.   Casey was perfectly content in his bjorn, smiling at the guys and sleeping for a while in my arms.

So I don’t have a fantastic story to post on FB, nor do I have perfectly lit pictures that make my life look exciting and romantic.  I do have great pictures though, particularly since my cute baby boy and handsome husband have cameos in them.  I think that this just means that everything is just as it should be.  There may not be anything going on in my life right now that stands out as the perfect story for this blog, but there also isn’t anything in my life right now that I have to complain about.  Casey is growing.  He’s healthy and about the happiest 4 month old I’ve ever met (although I haven’t actually met or spent time with too many 4 month olds but that is beside the point).  Our day to day life is as it should be- the laundry gets done, food gets cooked, the house gets cleaned,  sometimes, and Casey and I spend plenty of time playing and napping to keep us both smiling.  I have a wonderful husband who is working hard to support this family (and who bought me a new vacuum this weekend for which I am besides myself with joy because it actually works on all our area rugs.[#adultmoment] )

In other news:

  • We have been going strong with cloth diapering Casey for the past few weeks.  He’s in cloth about 95% of the time but still sleeps in disposables 2 out of 3 nights as we have yet to find a great cloth solution that actually keeps him dry since he sleeps for so long!!
  • I feel like I am getting my groove back (me & Stella).  Our days have a comfortable routine and I’m finding a lot of time to do “me” things.  I’ve been sewing a lot!  I’ve made a few toys for Casey: a large soft block, a soft tube for him to chew on, a rattle and a flat cloth toy with plastic inside so it makes noise when he crinkles it and ribbon loops on the sides, since he seems to like to chew on them.  I’ve also made myself a nursing necklace that we both love and I have plans to make a few more so I can match them with my outfits.
  • Alex and I have also settled into a weekly routine.  We are slowly working our way through Downton Abbey Season 4 in the evenings after Casey goes to sleep.  I LOVE this show but had to take some time off after season 3 because I was mad at the way it ended and, oh yeah, I had a baby!  We also went out to eat the other night, Casey in tow, at our absolute favorite Mexican restaurant.  We had been dreaming about this restaurant while we lived in Seattle and finally couldn’t wait any longer.  Casey was happy to sit in his car seat in the booth with us and we had a wonderful, relaxed family dinner out, one of our first since baby made three 🙂


Ok here are some pictures:

My beautiful family.

My beautiful family.

Wearing daddy's hat!

Wearing daddy’s hat!


Beautiful Blue skies


He gets the purpose of the nursing necklace I made and we love the hat!

He gets the purpose of the nursing necklace (grab it rather than my hair) and we love the hat!

Yep, I'm holding my son up by his head.  He just wanted to sit up and play so bad but when I let go it was a free fall forward!

Yep, I’m holding my son up by his head. He just wanted to sit up and play so bad but when I let go it was a free fall forward! You can see the rattle I made in the center of the bottom of the photo.  It has a loop on one end for him to hold onto and a bell inside.  

Immediately got that the soft rattle I made him jingled when he shook it!

Immediately got that the soft rattle I made him jingled when he shook it! Smarty pants 😉

Nothing like a nap outdoors.

Nothing like a nap outdoors in mommy’s arms.

Yes I realize this block is as big as his head.  I have a smaller set in the works.

Yes I realize this block is as big as his head. I have a smaller set in the works.




One thought on “Waffle Tacos & Caffeine Withdrawal

  1. Don’t knock boring. I love leading a very boring and uneventful life. When I want excitement I have lunch with a few exciting friends, and then I’m good for another couple of months.

    I loved the days when my girl was a baby. I always had something fun to do. She always loved my toys better than the store’s. She still has her Raggedy Andy’s head and a bit of a torso. He was loved too much. She’s in her 20’s now, but still has him and Ann.

    I’m glad you tried the Waffle Taco. I wondered how it was, but there is no way I can get to a Taco Bell before noon. Too far and is it really worth it? Nope, you saved me a trip. Thanks!


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