What I’m Reading Wednesday or The Wisdom of Pooh

Phew!  What a Wednesday.  I almost didn’t get this post up!  It has just been one of those days- bad from the beginning for no reason whatsoever.  It shouldn’t have been.  Casey slept for 7 1/2 hours last night and woke up happy (I think we’ve unintentionally created a morning person ::Gasp::).   I slept for about 6 of those hours but did not wake up in the same pleasant mood.  Don’t ask me what was wrong because I have no idea, but I was irritated, irritable and felt exhausted and unfocused.  For whatever reason I just couldn’t get into the groove of things today.  But two things saved me.  1) I realized that being in a bad mood, or in a negative state of mind, is a choice and just like so many other choices I had already made that morning (what kind of coffee to make, what to have for breakfast, where to go on our walk) I was choosing to stay in a bad mood and let things continue to bother me.  2) Winnie the Pooh.

I had forgotten just how much I love Winnie the Pooh until we recieved A.A. Milne’s The World of Pooh from Casey’s grandmother last week.  I’ve been reading it to Casey a page or two at a time until he looses focus.  He seems to like it, or at least like hearing me read it, for short periods of time.  And then he’s developed a habit of reaching out to grab the pages and try to turn them or get them into his mouth at which point story time is inevitable over.  But what a great story.  I love the simplicity of Pooh’s reasoning; everything is just so and the logic of pooh is such because it just is which makes sense, especially with honey.

So I made a choice today to look up and find a light in the darkness, cling onto it and pull myself out of my funk.  And then we read Winnie the Pooh.   And then you know what?  We followed some of Pooh’s best advice:  “Let’s begin by taking a smallish nap or two.”

Things are much better now, upon waking.  And now, here is what I have been reading this week:



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