First Vacation!!

Today we are embarking on our first “vacation” with baby Casey.  It isn’t a huge trip.  It doesn’t involve plane rides or hotel stays and there is no worry about being among strangers.  We are headed two hours away to a family reunion.  Not only is it our first multi-night trip with him, but he will also be introduced to a lot of people on his dad’s side of the family.  I am both excited and anxious.  I am excited to have a vacation away from home and anxious to meet the rest of my husbands family, hoping that it wont be too overwhelming for Casey and that he will be the charmer he usually is.  I can’t decide if I’ve packed way too much stuff or not enough and I’m hoping that the drive down coincides with Casey’s nap time.  He doesn’t seem to be one of those babies who is soothed by being in the car yet so, while he does ok most of the time, sometimes it’s a race to get home while he cries his little eyes out!!

As of today Casey is five months old!!  He’s become a little boy now; no longer the infant I held in my arms just a few weeks ago.  Seemingly overnight he has begun to sit up on his own.  It’s amazing to watch.  One day I was propping him into a sitting position and catching him when he inevitably fell over and the next he just got it.  He sits and plays with toys now.  One of his favorite activities is to shake a soft basket that I’ve filled with 3-4 small toys and dump them out on the floor in front of them and then choose one to play with.  He’s sitting next to me right now and while I have my eye on him, I feel comfortable typing with both hands.  Out of the corner of my eye I watch him wobble around, finding his center of gravity, catching himself when he begins to lean too far to one side.  He is just astounding.

Casey continues to love being out doors which is great.  He loves being carried in his Bjorn while we play a round of disc golf or walk around the neighborhood.  We got our blow up pool out a few weeks ago when it was really hot and I got in it with him in about 2 inches of water (if that).  He seemed to enjoy it.   It was fun watching him slap the water with his hand and splash.  The house we are staying at for the reunion has an indoor pool and his grandma bought him two small baby rafts.  It will be fun to reintroduce him to the water outside of a bath and I am looking forward to getting into the pool with him.  

Well my time is up. Casey is getting bored and letting me know.  Wish us luck and enough diapers!!!


IMG_2129 IMG_1983 IMG_2106IMG_2126



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