Silly Psyche. Sleep Child.

Saturday was our first parent/tot swim class. I’ll admit that I almost talked myself out of going. Thank god I’m not one to listen to the devil sitting on my shoulder. I was nervous because it is an early morning class and we aren’t typically an early morning family. I was nervous that he would be too young, that he would cry the whole time, that I would look foolish and afraid of having to put him underwater. I actually had a dream Friday night that did it’s best to convince me not to go. How ridiculous is our psyche sometimes!

We went and I’m so glad we did. Casey seemed to enjoy the sensation of being in the water, although he did protest at first to actually being put in the water. The teacher is fantastic and kept the class moving along with songs and games to accompany each activity. Casey enjoyed picking out a small bath toy (he picked, with my help, a red fish) which I would throw a foot or two in front of him and then hold him as he instinctively kicked his legs and reached out to pick up the toy. He seemed to delight in watching the other kids. However, he was unsure about having the teacher pour water on his head from a small plastic bucket. Much to my relief, I won’t have to dunk him underwater because he is so young. I was surprised to see a handful of fathers in the pool with their kiddos and the majority of children had both parents in attendance. Next week Alex is excited to accompany us to our lesson, all though we haven’t yet decided who will get in the pool with Casey. We may have to flip a coin since we both want the job 🙂 Good thing there are plenty of classes to switch off on.

After a wonderful swim class and a productive weekend, I found myself starting off this week with all the laundry done, all the dishes washed and put away and a refrigerator full of groceries. Hmm. What to do with ourselves? Perhaps work on our crawling???

Yes that is correct. Casey is beginning to crawl! He pushes up on his hands and knees and pulls both knees forward in a scooting motion quite nicely. It’s hard work and there is a lot of lip biting and grunting and fussing but it looks like our days of relaxing play are coming to an end! Quite soon we will be mobile enough to explore everything and I will spend my days moving things out of reach and protecting his head from sharp corners. It is exciting though. It always amazes me to sit back and watch as he discovers new things and acquires a new skill. It seems to happen over night and while I feel ill prepared for the inevitable growing up that comes with children, my heart swells with pride.

So now, here we sit. Casey is asleep in my arms, a little over an hour into a nap. I’m working my way through a John Grisham novel, enjoying the weight of his sleeping body, the steady rise and fall of his relaxed breathing. The days of his sleeping in my arms will be over too soon so I’ll take in every moment until then.

Don’t cry little one.
Sleep in my arms if that’s what you need.
Let your head fill with beautiful dreams as it rests in the crook of my arm.
I will hold you as long as it takes.
Don’t fret.
Don’t let that wake you. Open your eyes and see that I’m right here.
Take comfort in my presence, in my breast.
Take comfort in me as I take comfort in you; your body curled so naturally around mine.
Sleep child. Sleep.
For when you wake, a whole world is waiting to delight.



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