IMG_2623Although, I am a stay at home mom, that doesn’t mean that every day feels like a weekend.  Because Alex works at home, we definitely abide by the rhythm of a five day week followed by two days of rest.  However, the last three days have felt like a true three day weekend for me.  It’s been wonderful, filled with friendship and laughter and the joys of family.  Throughout these past three days I was able enjoy a full spectrum of weather and truly appreciate the changing tapestry of the seasons as summer fades into autumn, my favorite time of year.

Friday was beautiful.  Sunny, cool enough for a sweater but warm enough that I could take it off once we got moving without sweating too much.  Casey and I joined my friend Briana and her son for a picnic in the park.  Finger foods and easy conversation flowed effortlessly.  Afterwards, we took a leisurely walk around the river during which a small ceramic bowl was unfortunately sacrificed as we ran from a nosy bee.  Despite that, it was a wonderful few hours.  It was great to spend time with Briana.  We reconnected through email during my pregnancy and she is currently pregnant with her second child, expecting a little girl later this year.  I look forward to many more picnics and walks as we get to know each other more fully as women, mothers, individuals; as we watch our children run and grow and laugh together.   Later in the afternoon, Casey and I snuggled for a two hour nap which was really refreshing.  I can’t get enough of his snuggles!!   Alex got off of work half an hour early so we could take advantage of the last light of the day to go throw a round of disc golf.  Our friend Austin joined us and as we worked our way through the course we enjoyed Casey’s constant nonsensical commentary. He babbles nonstop these days: “a ba ma, ba ba, aah ba, hapa p puh ba.”

Saturday dawned early, after a restless nights sleep, with our second swim class.  We went as a family and Casey seemed to enjoy it as much as last week.  There were more people participating than last week which at times made it seem a bit frenetic.  Oh well!  The classes are really just to get Casey used to the water and on that score he is doing great.

After a terrific thunderstorm, the sun came back out and we headed back to the disc golf course.  Once again we were joined by Austin who brought a friend of his of whom I will say little except to share this description which went through my head as we walked the course:

The tops of plump butt cheeks squeezed out uninvitingly above a studded belt, slung too low and thread through the belt loops of jeans a size too small, cuffed to accommodate his stout frame.   He had to pause and wiggle them up his hips, before each throw.  I dodged his cigarette smoke as we walked the course and when we saw a beautiful deer standing on the top of the hill above us, he told our friend Austin that he would give him a quarter if he could hit it.  (Thankfully Austin is a wonderful person and didn’t take him up on this bet.)

That’s all I will say.  I am a people person which doesn’t mean I have to like all people but that I am quite interested by the human species in general.

Sunday we woke languidly and slowly.  I could hear a strong breeze rustling the leaves around the driveway through our open window and frosty light illuminated the room, growing lighter and darker as clouds floated in front of the sun.  Sunday was about football, relaxation and putting the laundry off until Monday.  And we managed to make it back out to the park to throw a round of disc golf.  It was cooler Sunday, grey, and on the last three holes we got caught in the rain.

You may have noticed a theme to this weekend- that of disc golf.  To clarify, I don’t actually play the game.  Instead I enjoy walking the courses.  It’s a great way to get outside and walking our usual course proves quite the workout carrying Casey (who now weighs 18+ lbs!!!) in his Bjorn as we traverse up and down hills.  Alex is quite good at the game; it’s something he has enjoyed since before we met each other.  We’ve been taking Casey to the disc golf course since he was about eight weeks old.  At first it was a race against time, hurrying along before Casey started crying, mad and anxious when we were caught behind other players.  Now, Casey loves it and happily takes in the scenery for the entire time it takes to throw the 18 hole course.   I look forward to a few years from now when he can throw his own disc and ‘play’ with daddy.  Maybe I’ll take up the game then too.  Although we lost a sock somewhere along the course earlier in the week, I have been unable to find it on any of our return trips and am considering it a gonner.  Oh well.  We’ll put one socked foot forward and move on.

Dapper in our Sunday Best.

Dapper in our Sunday Best.

Beautiful Day for a Walk

Beautiful Day for a Walk

His expressions are the greatest.

His expressions are the greatest.

Our first high chair out at a restaurant!!!

Our first high chair out at a restaurant!!!

It's a bird, it's a plane…no it's Super Baby!

It’s a bird, it’s a plane…no it’s Super Baby!


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