Play Dates & Playing Hooky



Casey has a new buddy.

We had a play date yesterday with my friend Sarah and her son Morrie, who is only a few weeks older than Casey. I’m so glad that I reconnected with her when we moved back to the Midwest and it was so much fun to watch our kiddos play together. Casey regularly sees other little kids around his age at his weekly swim class and he has recently started to be quite intrigued by them. But this was one of the first times that he was able to actually interact and “play” with another baby.

He and Morrie first met a few months ago when Casey was about 5 months old. They were just starting to sit up, in fact it was right after that first meeting, when Morrie was sitting up on his own, that Casey started to get the hang of sitting. (Like literally a day or so afterwards!) Anyway, back then they had very little interest in each other but they were happy to be sitting outside with their mamas.

Things were very different yesterday. They sat together and watched each other play with the myriad of little toys that Sarah pulled out of the toy bin. They reached out to touch each other’s faces and hair, pull each other’s ears and hold hands. It was fun to watch them play and explore together. At one point they both began babbling back and forth, echoing the other’s baby squeals in a conversation only they understood.  I loved it.

Holding Hands

Holding Hands


Because Casey doesn’t take a bottle and I nurse him to sleep just about every night, it’s difficult for Alex and I to leave him and go out on a ‘date night.’  For a few weeks now, we have casually been hinting at the fact that we need a night out.  Weekends seem to be the best time for this.  A date earlier in the evening on a Saturday or Sunday is ideal, however, by the time the weekend finally comes around, we either a) want to do things as a family or b) are enjoying lazing around so much that the preparation and planning it would take to actually go out on a date is just too much work.

Last Friday, Alex took a much needed sick day from work and we played hooky.  After dropping Casey off at his great grandmother’s house, we went out to a lovely brunch complete with mimosas.  We felt naughty and nostalgic day drinking; reminded of our pre-baby days and the many sunday brunches that we enjoyed in Seattle.  Brunch in Seattle was always lovely.  Our favorite spots were both along 1st avenue, with views of the Puget sound.  We’d walk down through downtown, enjoying the crazy mass of people during the summer, walking shoulder to shoulder under an umbrella on rainy days.  We would people watch through the window and sip mimosas.  Afterwards, we would stop at Pike Place market and buy a big bunch of flowers for $10 and enjoy a slow walk home through the city, stuffed with eggs benedict and giddy from the champagne.

Friday, we returned home and sat in lawn chairs in our driveway.  I miss Seattle but I love the quiet comfort that comes from having a place of our own.  Alex played guitar while I closed my eyes and turned my face towards the warm sun.  Although we enjoyed our time relaxing, just the two of us, we missed our little guy!  We picked him up and went out to the disc golf course and played a round.  It was such a beautiful day.  We are still in need of a true date night; there is something to be said about getting all dolled up and enjoying a planned evening out together.  But Friday was a treat; it was a sweet surprise to get to play hooky and we were so in need of that time together.

Day drinking

Day drinking (responsibly of course.)

My handsome husband

My handsome husband

Baby wearing at it's best.

Baby wearing at it’s best.

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