Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween!

The picture above was taken last Saturday at the Potowatami Zoo Boo. How exciting to finally be able to go to an event specifically put on for children, with our own child! I had a great time making our costume and we had a fun time walking around the zoo in full regalia and getting into the spirit of the holiday. Alex pointed out the animals to Casey and we think that Casey is just beginning to try to wave at things, people, animals. It’s a small movement of the arm or hand, tentative and a bit shy but there nonetheless.


We are also noticing that he sometimes appears to be mimicking our movements or vocalizations. If we slap our hands on the table once or twice, he will usually slap his hands down too. When we go “ahhhh” into a cup or a box, he will make a noise into it when we hand it to him.

For a while, he was really talking a lot, making “mama” sounds or whispering “pa pa pa.” Then he started crawling and it seemed that all his energy went into mastering those movements and he wasn’t making as many noises. But now he’s got the hang of crawling (and pulling himself up on things, standing and holding onto things, sitting back down and generally making me a bundle of nerves) and he’s become quite vocal again. Today, he seems to like how effortless the sound “maa maa” is to make and, I have to admit, I rather like it too.



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