Empty In-Box.

For weeks I’ve been saying “wouldn’t it be great if our child went to bed early like a normal baby?” Casey has always been a bit of a night owl like his mom and dad. In the first few weeks of his life, he settled on 11:15 pm as a good time to fall asleep at night. He still doesn’t really go to bed until 9:30 or 10, even though we’ve been trying to get him down a tiny bit earlier as he gets older.

Well apparently God, with her twisted sense of humor, decided to leave Casey’s in-box empty when she sent out the memo about ‘falling back’ with the recent time change. He didn’t seem to understand that this meant we were supposed to get an extra hour of sleep Saturday night. So we were up at 7 am…on a Sunday. By one, we had already driven up to Lake Michigan and taken Casey to the beach for the first time. It was a lovely but long day. Then he fell asleep at 8 and Alex and I got an evening by our selves to binge watch episodes of Game of Thrones.

Last night he fell asleep at 7:45. It’s just what we wanted. Except I forgot “early to bed, early to rise.” He’s finally falling asleep earlier in the evening but this means he is also waking up earlier in the morning. Which means I am getting up earlier in the morning. As Casey is unable to do things like turn on the lights, walk or, at the very least, make coffee, I am impelled to open my eyes and ease my weary body out of the warmth of our down comforter before the sun rises.

Casey always wakes up in a good mood.  He also wakes up ready to play. He takes pity on his poor sleep-deprived mother for about five minutes and allows me to make coffee and then it’s “game on.” He begins his daily routine of attempting to play with everything he shouldn’t: the power strip under the TV stand, the electrical cord and floor switch that controls the lamp, daddy’s shoes, the puppies sleeping in their crate.  I gently pick him up and set him in front of more appropriate toys in between sips of coffee and then watch as he zooms towards his next conquest.

I guess we are on a new schedule. I imagine God chuckles as I open one eye in the morning to find my smiling son staring at me with his large round eyes and laughs heartily as I sip of my second cup of coffee, take a deep breath and head to the changing table because there is one other thing that has seemed to acquire an earlier schedule. First thing in the morning, my darling baby boy has begun to let loose horrible, stinky diapers. Lovely.

Despite some sleep deprivation, it really was a beautiful day for the beach.

Despite some sleep deprivation, it really was a beautiful day for the beach.


2 thoughts on “Empty In-Box.

  1. Haha, the glories of time change! 🙂 If you keep him up a little later each day, he will slowly adjust back to his normal routine. However, that will mean a night owl once again. 😉


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