Creatures of Light

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Twinkle.”



Every once in a while The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge comes along at the right moment and makes me want to participate.  This week the challenge is to capture the twinkle of light.  “As visual creatures, we are drawn to light.” Babies are sensory creatures drawn to light, movement, texture, sound. As we have decorated our house for the holidays, I felt it was important for Casey to be able to continue to be able to interact with his surroundings and have a completely sensory experience of the Christmas season.  We’ve been listening to all kinds of holiday music during the day while we play and he is fascinated by our record player and radio.  We invested in shatterproof ornaments that he could handle and a tree that didn’t have too many low hanging branches that would be an invitation to pull the tree over.  Casey has really enjoyed taking ornaments off the tree and exploring their taste, texture and sound.  He also tries to put them back on the tree!!!  He hasn’t mastered the dexterity to actually put the ribbon loop onto a branch, but we are so impressed that he watched us hang the ornaments and is now trying to copy those movements himself!  And, of course, we have lights; wonderful twinkling lights looped around the tree and the doorway and flickering candles along the mantel.  He’s really loved being able to explore the strings of christmas lights we are happy to continue to get great pictures while he does this!!

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