5 Minute Writing Challenge

Feeling a bit stale in the creativity department, I decided to give myself a 5 minute writing challenge using the writing prompt of the day, found here.  The prompt for December 19th was simply the word “stacks.” Here’s what transpired, unedited:

There are stacks of presents cluttering our dining room table.  There are stacks of presents neatly organized in boxes on the dining room chairs.  My sewing table has stacks of half completed projects that are supposed to end up as gifts.  Christmas is upon us.  It feels good to give but the preparation to give feels relentless.  Buy, wrap, label.  Make sure people are getting about equal amounts of gifts.  Such a thought process!  Don’t think too much- just do.

It’s this repetitive march to complete the shopping and wrapping of gifts, the somewhat thoughtless procession, that creates a shallow facade to the holiday.  It helps keep hard memories at bay but it prevents true reflection on what the holiday should be about.  It’s hard to stop but at some point there is such a thing as over giving.  The presents become thoughtless.  The reasoning for buying them, meaningless.  These are the gifts that will be forgotten in a month, a year.

It’s time to “wrap” it up.  To stop.  To look inside, hold tight to what you truly value most; to find silence and stillness and let the rest of the holiday be about the grace of giving, of family, of love and laughter and absolution as the year comes to a close.

That’s what I came up with in 5 minutes of putting pen to paper.  If you’re inspired, feel free to share what you come up with in 5 minutes, in my comments section.


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