February 20, 2015

Today we explored, Spools of Thread

and potted plants,

and our turtle that lights up the night,

and the wind chime that hangs near the door.

We had Breakfast and lunch


and snacks at noon,

and cookies at around four.


We took naps,

and threw tantrums,

and studied a rattle,

and put things in a bin

and took them out again.


We remembered we wanted to go to the basement !!!

and realized we couldn’t go outside.


We played with the cat

and with shoes, plates and pom-poms,

and we fed cookies and chips to the dog.


We took apart our wind up toy, just to get to the slinky,

then carried the other two parts to our room.


We hid,

and chased,

and chased some more,

and opened every drawer.


And then we Yawned and rubbed our eye

and stuck a finger in our ear,

and we cried and we hummed

and cried some more,


And I gently shut the door.

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