On the course again.

The upbeat warbling of the Gees’s Gabble as they fly across the sky.

Tiny steps and tiny treasures, excavated with care.

Smell the earth, emerging from snow’s melt.



The squelch of boots tromping through the mud covers the rattle of bare branches as they dance in the wind.

Spring blowing in.

As winter slowly releases its icy grip, the hope of Spring appears in the tiny green buds stretching their arms as they yawn into the light.  We, too, have been able to stretch our legs on daily walks as the temperatures warm up and the snow disappears.  It feels good to be outside again.  After taking our first walk outside without the sharp wind biting at our noses, it has become the first thing Casey wants to do every morning when he wakes up.  It is almost impossible to keep him indoors as he bangs on the sliding glass door of our back porch and clings, monkey-like, to my legs as I struggle to get a cup of coffee ready to go and wrestle him into a jacket and shoes. Yes, shoes!  The cutest pairs of tiny Vans and Toms that he favors as he toddles up and down the sidewalk, exploring the tiny rivulets of water within IMG_5096the cracks of the sidewalk, finding the tiniest acorns from last fall and curls of pretty bark and leaves revealed as the snow melts.  He hands me these treasures with an enthusiastic “this” and moves onto his next project.  He has especially enjoyed walking to the corner and watching the cars drive by, pointing at them as the approach from either direction and then zoom by.

This past weekend, we’ve enjoyed the weather as a family by playing disc golf both days.  It felt good to be back walking along the course.  I don’t even play the sport but I love the game.  I love that it’s an activity that we can enjoy as a family; each of us content in our own things without stepping on each other’s toes or compromising our needs.  Alex loves the game.  He loves the physics of throwing the disc and the competition of playing against someone else.  I love the walk, being outdoors and hiking along the trails; watching my favorite courses change with the seasons.  Casey is content to ride along on my back and simply likes being outside, taking everything in.  I love that Alex and I have been doing this for years and now our son is a part of it too.  We have been bringing him disc golfing since he was about four months old and I look forward to the day when he starts to play along.  Maybe I’ll pick up a disc then too- I’ll be about the same speed as Casey.

Also, by the way, Casey is one now.  One.  Twelve months.  One whole year (and 8 days).  We celebrated with family and balloons and sprinkle cake and a trip to the Conservatory where Casey was simply awed by the lush plant life and gardens.  He’s definitely a toddler now.  His speed increases along with his vocabulary, although most of his energy has gone into developing exceptional motor skills (we don’t crawl at all any more but walk with more confidence and agility everyday).  Right now he says “this,” “that,” “yes,” something that sounds a lot like “hi dad,” “dada,” “mama,” and as of yesterday, “light.”  He also has recently demonstrated the fact that, when asked, he knows where his feet, his head, his mouth and his belly are.  This last one took a week of work by his Bubby [She’s gonna kill me for posting that but we decided that this was a good alternative to Grandma, for her] during her visit a week ago.  Whenever he eats something he goes “mmm” and she showed him how to pat his belly at the same time.  At first he would walk over and pat her belly when he went “mmm” but eventually he got it.  What a smarty pants 🙂

This Tuesday we go in for our one year check up so I’ll find out where he ranks on the heigh and weight scale but I’m not worried.  In fact I’m excited for him to literally ‘walk’ into the office for the first time.


I think he likes it.

IMG_5151 IMG_5173 IMG_5194


On the course.


My kid’s got game.






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