Toddler mode.

Casey has been in full on toddler mode today. Waking up, he thought it was funny to start hitting me in the face until I told him that it was NOT nice and that he should give us kisses instead (which he did). Later, waking from his nap he threw a temper tantrum when I wouldn’t immediately take him outside.   I made him sit with me and rock and cry it out until he calmed down, at which point we had a little lunch and then I talked him through getting dressed and putting on our shoes and coats before we finally ventured out into the cool breeze and sunshine. As I unloaded the dishwasher, he helped by taking the plates out and putting them on the floor and then crawling on the open dishwasher door. He took the dirty clothes out of the hamper and made a pile on the floor as I gathered all his laundry together and when I switched the wet items from the washer to the drier, he took out each piece as soon as I put it in and piled them on the floor, across the room. The towels were unfolded as soon as I folded them, until I sat on my folded pile and refused to let him grab them from underneath me. Toys were thrown. Peas were thrown. His water bottle was thrown. He became a level 5 clinger as soon as I tried to walk anywhere where he was not. And yet, I couldn’t be happier with the way this day has turned out.

It’s a beautiful day outside and walking up and down the street, Casey was enthralled with the crocuses, that are just starting to show themselves, and the way a leaf was blown out of his hand and twirled to the ground in the wind. He lifted the leaf again and again to watch it, spellbound, as it fluttered, momentarily suspended midair and then carried along by the gentle breeze until it came to rest a few feet away. Again and again this small moment of magic stopped him in his tracks and I, proud mama, felt my heart lurch at the smile of wonder that played on his tiny lips.

More and more, I cannot imagine quite what life was like pre Casey. I think of the amount of freedom I had, the moments to myself wasted on TV and worry and self-consciousness. Sometimes I yearn for these pre baby days; a time when I could live according to my whims and wishes, before I was forced to put another soul’s needs before my own. But these moments of yearning seem to grow farther and farther apart. There is so much that I can not wait to experience with our little boy, so much I want to share with him and I can no longer picture our life without him in it.

Yesterday, we had our 12 month check up. Our doctor exclaimed that Casey was the picture of health and was impressed with how strong and mobile he was. Casey is 30 inches long (2’6”), which puts him in the 70th percentile for height and, at 21.8 lbs, he is in the 50th percentile for weight.

Here are some other Casey facts:

  • He thinks being chased by dad and chasing after mom are the be all and end all of fun.
  • Some of his favorite foods include: cheese, banana, Avocado, chicken, peas, and the Tomato Garden flavored Gerber crunchies.
  • He loves shoes. He tries to put his on by placing them on top of his feet and he continually carries our shoes around the house.
  • He loves using the cat as a pillow and playing tug of war with our dog.
  • He likes cleaning.  His favorite toy is a small toy push broom we got him for his birthday.  I couldn’t be happier about this, although I sometimes wonder exactly which genetic line this comes from.
  • He hates being on his changing table but will put up with it if he is entertained with funny voices and silly faces (especially by dad).
  • He is the silliest little guy I know.  He already has an absolutely wicked sense of humor and his imitation game is on point.  If you wink at him he will look at you solemnly and blink both of his eyes in an exaggerated manner.
  • The kid loves disc golf. Case in point- when Alex suggested playing a quick 9 holes after work yesterday, Casey immediately went to the back porch, ponted outside saying “this, this,” pulled our Ergo carrier off the couch and moments later, running into the kitchen after hearing a loud crash, we found him hunched over Alex’s disc golf bag, which he had pulled down off of a shelf, taking out each disc and putting them in a pile.


The cold weather yesterday didn’t seem to phase him:


Totally content to hang out, all bundled up against the cold, and disc a quick 8 holes with mom and dad.


Right after this picture was taken, he attempted to move all of the chairs into the adult waiting room of the doctors office.


What’s a mom to do when her one year old falls asleep all sprawled out like this? I wonder..


Mornings are best spent outside.


This mischievous look kills me every time. He’s about to start dropping his peas onto the floor.





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