How does your garden grow?

When we first moved back into this house, I stood on my back porch and pictured exactly how I wanted our yard and our gardens to look.  The beds have gotten a bit overgrown the past few years and it will take a lot of work to transform it into the picture I see so clearly when i close my eyes.  And with a toddler, who is beginning to try to run and climb things???  I resolutely made it a five year plan.

This year one of the big jobs I wanted to tackle was redoing the bed underneath our front window.  I figured I would start with the front of the house, since it already has some structure and because it is the part that people see when they pass by. The bed was covered in Vinca, which i think is a very pretty ground cover in early spring when it turns shades of greens and sprouts pretty purple flowers, but the rest of the year, I find it a bit of an eyesore.  Plus it spreads soooo quickly that I needed to tackle it while I could.

Here is what the bed looked like before I put any work into it:

IMG_6104You can see the bird feeders that we spend so much time watching.  I love identifying all the birds that come to our feeders but I wanted the view to look prettier from both the street and from our perch inside the front window.  So, after a day of rain, which loosened the soil, I tackled this bed with help from my favorite side kick.

Casey was a big help.  I gave him a small shovel (not what is pictured here) and he dug in the dirt and helped pull the leaves off the Vinca vines and then put leaves and dirt into our yard waste bags.  When he got bored with that, he was quite content to fill a plastic planter with grass, dirt…my gardening gloves…

IMG_6101 IMG_6102 IMG_6103

The Vinca was not quite as easy as I though to get out, but with a lot of hard work and sweat, we did it!


I look goofy in this picture but it’s the only one I got of Casey and I working together!




Lucy helped too:


Finally, we got the Vinca out and two days later, after a final trip to the Garden Center, I got all of my plants into the ground.  I actually dropped Casey off at great-grandma’s while I did this because the sky was threatening rain and Casey was not cooperating as well that day.  Here is the final result- I love it!


I can’t wait until everything starts to grow bigger and fill the spaces in.  I also plan to add a few more Hostas and I did plant a few more Bleeding hearts behind the roses so they will add some greenery as everything fills in.

Lucky for us, it rained the next few days after everything was in the ground which was GREAT for the plants and less work for me.  And trust me, I needed the rest after this project!

The herbs I planted in a container on our back porch are really taking off.  I may have to move the basil into it’s own pot because it is doing so well!  Yesterday was the first time I harvested a few of them so I had fresh lemon balm tea yesterday and we had fresh basil and lemon thyme in our salad and on top of a pasta dish I made for dinner.  Yum!  This is turning out to be a pretty good season so far.

IMG_6064 IMG_6070 IMG_6100 IMG_6160


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