Those well loved spots

Why we bought the white rug, I will never know. It wasn’t like we weren’t already parents.   Yet, there we stood, freshly covered in the residues of new parenthood and thought, “Oh, let’s get the white one. It will look perfect in our living room.” We should have known better.

These days, our white rug, whose creamy hue so perfectly complimented the dusky dark blue of our couch, and the mocha and white walls of our living room, has taken on a bit of a pall. It is covered with crayon marks and stains from spilled milk and food and wine. The dog is currently licking at a spot where a Sippy cup of chocolate milk sat dripping out of the straw until I removed it to the table. There are a few suspicious gray splatters that fall in a straight line across the rug’s flattened tread and I can’t for the life of me remember how they got there. The cat’s puked on the rug; so has Casey.

But you know what? The stains, the mess- only make it better. Exacerbating some days, but better. It still looks okay in our living room and a good vacuum restores most of its original vigor. It is usually covered with toys and Tupperware and books and laundry that has been emptied from the laundry basket, folded, refolded and thrown onto the rug again. I’ve changed diapers on this rug and had picnics on it and slept on it and made love on it.  We helped Casey start to crawl on this rug, watched him open his first Christmas presents on it and caught him after he took his first tentative step across it.

Our white rug has seen it’s share of dirt and use and has its fair share of well loved spots. But I can tell you right now that we won’t be getting rid of it any time soon. This rug is in for a lot more wear and tear before it sees the end of its days. It may be spotted and worn but we are getting a bit spotted and worn as we age too. And those well loved spots? Well, they are what make us perfect.

IMG_2603 IMG_2831 IMG_2873 IMG_3193 IMG_3204 DSCN2838 IMG_3635 DSCN2901 IMG_4008 IMG_4116 IMG_4361 IMG_4726 IMG_5597 IMG_5633 IMG_6519


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