Like a fish or “Mama, mama”

He took to the water

like a fish;

A reflection of the sign

he was born under.

I told him not to fall asleep before we got home but he didn’t listen.  I glanced into the rearview mirror as we turned onto our street just in time to see his little lids drop closed.  Once we were parked in our driveway, under the shade of our big oak tree, I carefully lifted him out of his car seat and and carried him into the house and into his room where I managed, with only minor difficulty, to gently lower him onto his bed and settle him back to sleep.

I pushed his morning nap back by an hour and a half today.  We went to the library and then out to a coffee shop, where we split a blueberry muffin at a shady table on the outside patio.  Casey is smitten with blueberry muffins and I am happy to oblige this little treat.  Now that he is finally napping, I figure I have about an hour or so to write.  I had thought to sit down and write all about our Texas vacation.  I had it in my head that I would talk about what a wonderful time we had; how the heat was stifling during the day but once the shadows stretched over the first and second step of the pool in the early evenings, we got to enjoy daily swims.  Casey loved the water.  He was fearless, jumping off the first step into waiting arms with no hesitation, and by our final swim impressing us with how strong his kicks had gotten.

I also thought I might write about our trip to the zoo where Casey was enthralled with the “mo-mo’s” (flamingo’s) and recognized the giraffes (“raffs!” he exclaimed as he turned to look at me from his perch on the first rung of the wooden fence, pointing to the family of giraffe’s across the man made stream).  Maybe, I’d write about seeing the Longhorns in Fort Worth, Casey dipping his chips into the tomato soup at my favorite Mexican restaurant in Fort Worth, or our trip to the aquarium- how the air conditioning was a blessing and Casey was completely taken in from the first room where silver fish swam around the walls.

Except when I sat down to write all that, all I could think about was how completely fascinated I am by this little creature who grows more into a little boy everyday.  Even when I am at my wits end and want to scream with frustration, I am fascinated by him.  The way he laughs and the things he thinks are funny; what he eats, the way he eats it and what he chooses not to eat.  I am fascinated by his every action, the way he mimics our movements and our sounds, how he watches us watching him, the games he plays.  I am fascinated by his fascination with garbage trucks and how excited he gets when he hears a siren in the distance or the “beep, beep, beep” of a truck backing up.  He is endlessly entertaining, beginning now to roll his eyes (which everyone agrees he learned from me), attempt a somersault, and repeat our words in his cute little voice. I relish the unexpected pleasure I get when he decides of his own accord to come give me a kiss or reaches out for my hand when he needs help with something.

He has entered a “mama” stage where he simply cries “mama, mama” over and over and I can not express to you the warm feeling this gives me, even when it is repeated in screaming agony while we are trying to put him to sleep.

And now, he is awake.  I can hear him on the monitor- “Mama?” (that sweet little voice!)

I can do nothing except go to him, peaking in his room to find him siting up on his bed, pick him up and hold him close for a few moments before I release him into the hustle and bustle of our afternoon.  DSCN3156

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