July 29th-30th in triplicates

Paned Enclave
With the bird feeder empty
and the ground pecked clean
there is little to watch

out the window
but the recycling truck
lumbering by

again- to your delight
there is endless captivation
within the paned enclave


The Dance
her eyes were curtains
reflecting the sun
sparkling in the sky

above us. she’s a
reminder to be
still, to gently close

our eyes; that we may
better see the dance
and breathe in the light.


Attempting Morning Yoga Outside:


One thought on “July 29th-30th in triplicates

  1. Hi Amelia, I’m so glad I made contact to your mom and she sent me your blog address. Now I’ve seen your story and PICTURES. They are so beautiful to see and study and your writings to read. You are amazing and beautiful. I’m going to give your blog address to my daughter Stephanie in Idaho so she can have like pleasure. Hold on to your beautiful life. Lovu3.
    My e-mail address is patmsplace@aol.com. Send a note if you have time.

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