Shake your crazies out

Today I needed my mat.  It was, as my yoga teacher so prophetically guided us in class, “time to shake out all of the crazies.”  I’ve been feeling my crazies lately. Born from disrupted sleep and unfinished dreams, bruised egos, undone laundry and pent up creative energies, they distract me like buzzing flies in my daily attempt to find the calm perfection that we all carry deep within.  I’ve become restless.  I have trouble sitting still.

It’s so easy every day to get distracted by our crazies, discourse about our problems, find momentum in our anxiety. It is much harder to talk about our happiness, to converse about the beauty of the everyday, or better yet, sit still and engage in enjoying the moment we are in.  I was grateful, today, to come to my mat and shake my crazies out, connect to my breath and step closer to the calm light that arose within.

“To me, happiness is expressed in the hands and in the face and in the light in the eyes. You know what I mean? I can’t express it verbally as well as I can my dissatisfaction or my anguish. I have more vocabulary for those things.”

~Joni Mitchell in an interview with Malka Marom, 1973

wpid-wp-1440555840068.jpeg       wpid-wp-1440555825038.jpeg





wpid-wp-1440555746431.jpeg wpid-wp-1440555705170.jpeg


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