Sweet Tumbleweeds

wpid-wp-1440955669370.jpegMothers have been getting angry
since the dawn of time
when their children won’t heed
and I’ve been worrying a lot
lately about things I don’t need
to be worrying about and wondering
if focusing on the big picture
is the right thing to do
when you can’t predict what
will happen to you
when you collide with time.

Sometimes I think I get it
and sometimes I think I don’t.
I’ve told myself again and again
you’ve got to forgive and move past
what they won’t understand
but sometimes I can’t.
Most often I can-
It’s my sweet tumbleweeds that save me
as I stop to watch them blow by
and the moments flow through me.
In stillness I am most alive
and I don’t have to look up to know
that above us there is only sky.



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