Tune Out to Tune In

When Fall comes around, I always resist the Pumpkin Spice latte from Starbucks but, when I eventually give in, I can’t stop drinking it.  It’s such a delicious sweet treat for that afternoon pick-me-up and it’s gone in a matter of minutes. I needed that pick-me-up this afternoon and I enjoyed my latte while watching Casey play in the first leaf pile of the season.

Today was Casey’s 18 month check up with our doctor.  He has gained three pounds and grown two inches, since our last appointment, weighing in at 24.5 pounds and 32 inches (thats 2 1/2 feet tall!).  He’s well in the 50th percentile for height but is falling somewhere within the 25-30th percentile for weight.  My first inclination is to be concerned that he doesn’t weight more.  My mind begins to spin with nagging worries: “He should be gaining more weight.  Maybe he isn’t eating enough.  Is this because we are still breast feeding?  We snack a lot throughout the day so sometimes he isn’t starving at meal times.  Should I be making sure he sits down for three full meals a day.  Do other moms have their kids sit down for three meals a day? What if they do and when Casey gets to school he’ll be the only one that isn’t used to sitting down every day for lunch? How will he adjust to that? Maybe I should rethink meal planning week to week. Maybe I should be socializing him more!”

My mind often spins out of control like this- one worry triggering a million more. It’s one of the challenges of being a modern mother in our culture of too much information when we are constantly informed of what is normal and what we should be scared of. We have parenting advice thrown in our face every way we turn and, as much as you try not to let it, the over sharing on social media can begin to get under your skin.

It’s hard to block out all of this noise and tune in to our own instincts as parents, even harder to trust your own intuition. But this is what I strive for every day.

At the end of the day, once I quiet my mind and my nagging sense of worry and self-doubt, I can laugh at myself and begin to quiet my mind. All I have to do is look at Casey to know he is perfectly fine. The kid is the picture of a happy, healthy little boy and if I simply allow myself to be where he is at, be completely in the moment, all my worries simply float away on the cool autumn breeze.



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