10 Things

Casey is:            wpid-wp-1443803580428.jpeg  wpid-wp-1443803583713.jpeg

  1. Counting up to and identifying the number and concept of “two”.
  2. Understanding, verbalizing, and acting out concepts of in/out, on/off, back/forth, stop/go.
  3. Choosing his own shoes (and adamantly refusing to wear any others).
  4. Able to ask for foods he wants and make a choice between foods offered to him.
  5. Really into Apple’s
  6. Identifying colors as well as objects that are specific colors (Blue sky, green grass, yellow leaf).
  7. Choosing books to read and then actually sitting in our laps for the whole story.

Casey is teaching me:

  1. How to linger in each moment.
  2. The art of letting go and moving on.
  3. The meaning of being brave.

7+3= 10 Things.


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