Operation Diaper Free

Day 1
10:30 a.m.
We are on our fourth pair of underwear. Underwear with Minions on them. Toddler underwear.
wpid-20151102_082915-1.jpgWe have had three accidents. Two, thankfully, occurred on the hardwood floor. We have yet to pee in our potty today.

We are potty training, if it isn’t obvious. 20 months. Some people might say that it’s too early but when your son begins to mimic you in the bathroom, show interest in sitting on his potty, tell you when he has pooped and peed and then voluntarily head into his room to get his diaper changed, as far as I’m concerned he’s ready. He first started this behavior at about 18 months and I said then that at 20 months we would probably start some potty training.

Well here we are and we have.

I prepared myself for today. I stocked up on juice boxes and laundry detergent. I bought two big packs of toddler underwear with Minions and Footballs on them. I prepared a small bin of “potty toys” that are only available while we sit on the potty. This last trick succeeded in ridding Casey of his aversion to sitting on his potty for longer then two seconds. By the end of today he happily sat on his potty for a good ten minutes reading his Minion coloring book and playing with the plastic hero ‘guys’ that I bought in the dollar bin at Target. A small victory but a victory nonetheless.

Still, I found myself wearing down, arguing with myself as I watched the clock, stared at Casey sitting on the potty: “What are you doing? What’s so great about potty training him early? How will we ever leave the house without him wearing a diaper?” I have to remind myself that he is the one showing us he is ready, remind myself to be patient.

It’s only been three hours.

Diapers are still mandatory for naptime and bedtime. I don’t expect to jump that hurdle anytime soon.

And after today’s nap there was that moment. That moment, standing outside in our driveway with your arms wrapped around my neck, your head resting on my shoulder. That moment that went on and on as neither of us were inclined to move. We stood, gently rocking, enjoying the unexpected warmth of the sunshine. I couldn’t tell if you had fallen back asleep. I stroked the soft skin of your bare back in small circles with my finger tips and felt your weight as I held you to me. You are so so long these days; getting so heavy. When do you find the time to do all that growing??

I closed my eyes and felt the warm sun on my back, listened to the leaves rustling along the driveway and the bluejay calling out from the Oak above us. We stood there, wrapped around each other, for a long time.

That moment was all I needed to remind myself that we are in no hurry. We have no time table, no pressure to move except at our own pace.

Day 1 is over and I will call our small victory a great success.
Tomorrow, Operation Diaper Free continues.


        By the end of the day we both needed a break, so we took a trip to the park.


“Childhood is the world of miracle and wonder; as if creation rose, bathed in the light, out of the darkness, utterly new and fresh and astonishing.” ―Eugene Ionesco


5 thoughts on “Operation Diaper Free

  1. I remember those sweet potty days. It worked best for us to be naked so if you can group together some naked days (just on bottom if it is too chilly) and stay around the house….it works really well. Also more than one potty. we had one in the living room until it started working….and Emily loved climbing up onto the big potty…..
    LOVE seeing your family grow and wish I could give you all a hug and kiss in person!


    • Thank you for the potty training suggestions!! So good to hear from you 🙂

      We had a few set backs in potty training (illness and house guests and then the holidays) so we are taking it slow but after the New Year I think I will try to fit in those naked days! Hard when it’s cold out but we will just crank up the heat inside.

      Miss you guys! Thank you so much for reading my blog!



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