Parenting is an adventure, a great experiment.  We clamber our way through the muck and the mud, bravely venturing the unknown and collecting each precious jewel we unearth along the way- moments of stillness and closeness, small arms clinging around your neck, delighted laughter and fits of giggles; new morning routines.

Just when you think you have it all under control, the universe throws another hurdle in your path, laughing with delight as you stumble over this new obstacle. She’s got a wicked sense of humor.

A stomach bug this past week put a hold on consistent potty training. Oh and the two teeth that decided to poke through his virgin gums.  The not sleeping at night didn’t help.

But just when you think you can’t take another minute, small fingers reach up and turn your face to their source for a sweet kiss.  Innocent, curious eyes stare into yours for a minute, looking right into your very heart and seeing the goodness within.

That’s the universe for you.



One thought on “Goodness

  1. Oh, Amelia, how I’ve enjoyed these last few minutes reading ‘the Casey Chronicle’ and I’ve found it so precious that I am your aunt. Your writing ability is so great and so simply open to express all you see in Casey and your own life, your home and the love of your husband. What you do and see and feel in Casey is so much like what I felt as my children were growing up. You cleaned your Tupperware drawer and this morning I figures out and did store 45+4 rolls of toilet paper under my bathroom cabinet! Wow! I’ve opened my door and looked at it 3 times since.
    So sad too about your mom, Donna and what she faces. I pray her positive attitude will bring her through it. I and her brothers and sisters are standing by with prayer and love as I know for sure you are. Lovu3!


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