From Lack to Love: Finding abundance in the everyday.

The idea of lack has been popping up for me a lot lately; the idea that we focus overly much on what we lack, that we are always trying to fill a void based on the notion that we are missing something or need more. So often we see ourselves as lacking- lacking time, money, education, resources, patience, ability, friendship, love- when in reality it is the realization that we already have everything we need, that will bring us true peace. It’s not that easy, I know.

One day last week, I organized my tupperware drawer. This was a task I have approached with a lack mentality for months. I lacked the time or energy or tools needed to tackle the drawer. I made a conscious effort to avert my eyes and when I did need to go into the drawer, I did so with a sense of shame, apprehension and utter disappointment. I was avoiding dealing with this problem area at all costs because I didn’t want to sit with these feelings. I watched as the drawer slowly imploded into a mismatched mess.

Finally, I said “no more.” I realized that I was really just trapping myself into this lack mentality by creating this pattern of avoidance and shame. The only way to escape was to realize that I wasn’t lacking for anything. I had all the tools and all the time I needed to fix such a simple problem. So I did. I spent about twenty minutes emptying the drawer and matching up all the tupperware bottoms with their lids. I was left with a large pile of loose lids…it seems some tiny person has somehow squirreled their counterparts away over the last year or so.


See exhibit A

It was a small victory but it was a victory nonetheless. Instead of choosing to continue the cycle of lack, I chose to view the task with love and a sense of abundance. I want to fill my home with love and care and to do this means to put these thoughts into every corner and every drawer, especially the junk drawers and dark, cobwebbed corners we try so hard to ignore and hide. Let’s choose abundance instead: an abundance of time to love, to create, to spend time with, to simply sit and breathe and smile.

That day, from a lack perspective, the only thing I accomplished was organizing this one drawer. But I chose abundance and from an abundant perspective, I completed something I had put off for months. I turned a space that had previously filled me with apprehension and shame into a space that fills me with pride and a sense of peace and order. From an abundant perspective I now have way more time to sit and play, to read, to color with crayons, stack blocks, crash cars; more time to spend in joy with the people that matter the most. Because right now, right here- I have everything I need.



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