40 Weeks

40 Weeks has arrived.  I don’t know why I didn’t think we would make it to this day.  Like Casey, this boy seems more than comfortable hanging out in mama, despite my repeated conversations with him about the benefits of vacating the premises.

But it’s all part of a normal, healthy pregnancy and I’m thankful that I get to experience it. There were so many times during this pregnancy when we were put to the test, when I steeled myself to deal with the abnormal, gearing myself up for a “worst-case-scenario”.

Our most recent surprise occurred at 37 weeks, when baby boy #2 all of a sudden appeared in a breech position.  He was literally straight up and down, with his head up by my ribs and his butt lodged down in my pelvis.  Although I have been a strong advocate for natural birth since I first became pregnant with Casey 3 years ago, I was now facing the good possibility of a c-section if we couldn’t get him to flip back around.  I became instantly prepared for this, a small part of me even hoping for it just to get all of this anxiety over with.

At 38 weeks I underwent an External Cephalic Version where a doctor attempts to manually flip the baby to a head down position by physically manipulating it’s body position.  In other words, he actually pushes the baby’s body around by pushing on the outside of the uterus in an attempt to change the baby’s position.  This was as uncomfortable as it sounds, especially since he really had to dig down in order to lift baby boy’s bottom out of my pelvis in order to get him to raise it up and turn.  But he did it!  Dr. Raj Vito Shah successfully got our baby boy to turn into a head down position and I am so grateful for this.

So now here we are at the 40 week mark with a perfectly healthy, head down baby boy.  I feel prepared and even excited to embark on my second natural birth, literally just waiting in anticipation of those first few lightning bolt sensations that let you know that labor is beginning.  I try not to imagine it too much because every time I do, I simply go back to Casey’s birth and I know that this birth will be different.  It will be it’s own and I just want to remain open to however it progresses and allow myself to remain in touch with my instinctive knowledge of what I will need to do, how I will need to move, to get through each moment, each breath, each contraction in order to reach that final moment, that last push, that signifies an end and a beginning all at once.  We are simply waiting for that moment when we can finally hold this baby boy in our arms.



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