Our day in parts

Part 1: Science Experiment – Shaving Cream Rain Clouds

The original experiment, to drop colored water on top of shaving cream and watch it “rain” down into the water below, kept Casey interested for a surprisingly long time before we needed another clear vessel to just mix the colors in.20170329_102131

And a bowl to pour the water in.


But of course in the end it all came down to being allowed to just play in the shaving cream!


Part 2: The Park

The walk over, pure attitude.

New Tricks!


Part 3: Home down time : Down home time



Part 4: Disc-Golf

Late naps and decent weather = Get outside and wear them out!


Saying Goodbye

In the field by the barn
where we picked wild fowers
where the grass beyond grows
knee-high to waist
where you rolled down the hill
and let him jump on you
squeals of laughter dancing
through the trees
as I watched from the window
while I completed my
simple domestic tasks
like drying my hair
-how uncountry of me!
This is where we knelt
and wiped away the dirt
to reveal the promise
of a memory.

The country road winds comfortably through the hills,
green and full of Spring,
past barns both new and old
some red and shiny-roofed
some slowly collapsing back to the earth
from whence they sprung
past fields yellow with mustard
that even now, three days later,
seem a bit burnt to my eye-
ripples of yellow once highlighted
in cool air and morning dew
are now flat and wane under the hot sun.
But perhaps that is the promise of memory too.

It isn’t easy to say good bye
-or “hello”, or “how are you” for that matter.
Everything in life seems to bring its own trials
but standing on this land it is easy
to remember, to hope, to love, to be calm
even when the remembering and the ones we love
can be difficult–
it is easy to breathe in the peace
of the country air.
But it is always hard to say Goodbye

But it is always good to come back home!

Shake your crazies out

Today I needed my mat.  It was, as my yoga teacher so prophetically guided us in class, “time to shake out all of the crazies.”  I’ve been feeling my crazies lately. Born from disrupted sleep and unfinished dreams, bruised egos, undone laundry and pent up creative energies, they distract me like buzzing flies in my daily attempt to find the calm perfection that we all carry deep within.  I’ve become restless.  I have trouble sitting still.

It’s so easy every day to get distracted by our crazies, discourse about our problems, find momentum in our anxiety. It is much harder to talk about our happiness, to converse about the beauty of the everyday, or better yet, sit still and engage in enjoying the moment we are in.  I was grateful, today, to come to my mat and shake my crazies out, connect to my breath and step closer to the calm light that arose within.

“To me, happiness is expressed in the hands and in the face and in the light in the eyes. You know what I mean? I can’t express it verbally as well as I can my dissatisfaction or my anguish. I have more vocabulary for those things.”

~Joni Mitchell in an interview with Malka Marom, 1973

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