Catching Milestones: Working on Sitting


Just so we are clear: Cameron will be 5 months this Saturday and he’s just starting to learn to sit up.  Yes that was a glass of wine that Casey almost knocked over and yes, Casey was moping because he wanted a piece of sausage.


Ten Things: 22 1/2 Months

    1. Casey pooped in the Potty while we were on vacation in Texas.  I never thought I would get so excited about watching someone poop in a toilet.
    2. Casey picked out an Elmo potty chair and exclaimed loudly (in Target) that it was to “peed in it.”
    3. While we were in a store in Texas, Casey pointed out a little girl and her mommy. “Tiny,” he said, pointing to the little girl.  “Huge,” he then exclaimed, pointing to the mommy.  Thankfully they were out of ear shot.
    4. While in Texas, we took Casey to see his first musical, “Motown”, at Fort Worth’s Bass Hall.  I was a nervous wreck but as soon as the lights came down and the curtain rose he was entranced, watching the opening act as the performers sang and danced to a montage of Motown hits.  He began clapping along with them and swaying back and forth, dancing on daddy’s, and then mommy’s, lap.  It was so incredible to watch and I just laughed in delight at his enthusiasm.  I wish I had it on video.  We made it about 30 minutes in before he decided he wanted to sing along as well. Then we had to take turns walking him around the lobby.  We left at intermission.
    5. Casey slept through the night last night.  When he woke up this morning, he did so talking in his sleep. “Airplane…high…(he smiled) singing, clapping, dancing.”  He woke up and saw me and smiled his sweet baby smile. “Hi..singing, clapping, dancing.”  I bet I know what he was dreaming about!
    6. Current favorite foods include: salami, olives, strawberry yogurt and anything dipped in ketchup.
    7. Casey got a lot of toys for christmas which kept him occupied for a few minutes. The other day I took every pillow in our house and threw them in a pile on the living room floor.  He played for hours. Other favorite games include: Red Light/Green Light, playing with play-doh, picking things up with tongs, hauling things in his dump truck and making “tall towers” with…anything.
    8. Casey has begun to sing along to songs on the radio or when I am singing.  He gets about every fifth word.  I love it.
    9. He has gotten the concept of “pretend”.  He plays with pretend foods and reminds me that it is “tend” when I mime eating them.
    10. Right now, he is asleep in my arms as I sit in the rocking chair. I couldn’t bring myself to put him down after resettling him during a nap.  I’m fishing this post on my phone which is a pain in the ass…and I wouldn’t have it any other way!wp-1453407392960.jpegwp-1453407406204.jpeg


10 Things

Casey is:            wpid-wp-1443803580428.jpeg  wpid-wp-1443803583713.jpeg

  1. Counting up to and identifying the number and concept of “two”.
  2. Understanding, verbalizing, and acting out concepts of in/out, on/off, back/forth, stop/go.
  3. Choosing his own shoes (and adamantly refusing to wear any others).
  4. Able to ask for foods he wants and make a choice between foods offered to him.
  5. Really into Apple’s
  6. Identifying colors as well as objects that are specific colors (Blue sky, green grass, yellow leaf).
  7. Choosing books to read and then actually sitting in our laps for the whole story.

Casey is teaching me:

  1. How to linger in each moment.
  2. The art of letting go and moving on.
  3. The meaning of being brave.

7+3= 10 Things.

Happy Halloween


Happy Halloween!

The picture above was taken last Saturday at the Potowatami Zoo Boo. How exciting to finally be able to go to an event specifically put on for children, with our own child! I had a great time making our costume and we had a fun time walking around the zoo in full regalia and getting into the spirit of the holiday. Alex pointed out the animals to Casey and we think that Casey is just beginning to try to wave at things, people, animals. It’s a small movement of the arm or hand, tentative and a bit shy but there nonetheless.


We are also noticing that he sometimes appears to be mimicking our movements or vocalizations. If we slap our hands on the table once or twice, he will usually slap his hands down too. When we go “ahhhh” into a cup or a box, he will make a noise into it when we hand it to him.

For a while, he was really talking a lot, making “mama” sounds or whispering “pa pa pa.” Then he started crawling and it seemed that all his energy went into mastering those movements and he wasn’t making as many noises. But now he’s got the hang of crawling (and pulling himself up on things, standing and holding onto things, sitting back down and generally making me a bundle of nerves) and he’s become quite vocal again. Today, he seems to like how effortless the sound “maa maa” is to make and, I have to admit, I rather like it too.